Welcome back for our second year of TTG Skirmishes! We learned quite a bit from last year’s events and have some updates coming into a new season.

Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club (Gate 3)
4648 240th St N
Forest Lake, MN 55025

Volunteer Check in:         0800 at Gate 3 Clubhouse
Competitor Check in:     0830 at Gate 3 Clubhouse
Shooters Meeting:          0915 at Gate 3 Clubhouse
First Battle Brief:             0930

Round Counts: 100 pistol / 100 rifle

This year we are following The Tactical Games Rules & Scoring, please take a moment to review if you haven’t already:
The only deviation is how we are handling divisions and scaling. If you signed up for Elite division, you will get Elite weights & scoring rules no matter the category (Junior, Masters 40+, Masters 50+). There is opportunity to change your division at check in if desired.

Our events are hosted at Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club and operate under COLD RANGE conditions. At no point is a firearm made hot unless under direct supervision and instruction of a Range Safety Officer. Carry guns must be securely stowed in your vehicle or cleared and holstered if you intend to compete with it.

When making your way about the property, rifles must be cased or transported muzzle up or down or on a sling. Pistols must be cased or holstered at all times. In all conditions, these firearms are unloaded with no magazine inserted. Chamber flags are appreciated, but not required. Any inspection, manipulation or function check of your firearms can be done at designated safety tables – take note that no ammunition is involved or allowed at a safety table.

All competitors and spectators will be required to check in and sign a waiver before allowed into the event. Eye protection is required at all times. Ear protection is required at the firing line & recommended for spectators staying close to watch the action.

Competitors are expected to possess basic fundamentals in manual of arms & proficiency in operating firearms safely. Our battles are designed in such a way that you will never holster or sling a loaded firearm. You will remain on the firing line until the Range Safety Officer has visually and verbally cleared you to leave and move on to the next physical portion of the battle.

Competitor check-in will start at 0830 at the Gate 3 Clubhouse (bring your equipment for weigh in and review). Note that Flash hiders and Suppressors are the only approved muzzle devices for your rifle, and steel core or bimetal jacket ammunition is strictly forbidden.

When you registered for the event, you had an opportunity to select a squad. We will try to honor this as best as possible, but there will be some administrative changes made to these squads to help the day run smoother. You’ll receive final squadding/heat designation at check in.

Shooter’s Meeting will begin around 0915

You’ll report to your first Battle by 0930 for briefing & mag load outs

Range will go hot at 1000. First heats should be at the battle & ready to go by 0950.

Bring a folding chair, sunscreen, snacks & hydration for between battles. Portable pop-up tents aren’t a bad idea for some shade. Bottled water will be provided. We will have the Up In Smoke BBQ Food truck onsite at 1230, Real Avid is covering meals for competitors and volunteers. Food will also available for spectators to purchase.

We’d like to recognize and thank the organizations and sponsors that continue to support these events, many will be onsite (some competing) during the match –

Archway Defense

Best Defense Armory & Range

Flip Sled

JP Enterprises

Maxim Defense

Minnesota 3 Gun Group

Obsidian Arms

Real Avid

Thousand Lakes Fitness