2022 The Tactical Games Skirmishes – Minnesota Announced

January 26th, 2022|

Saturday, May 7th Registration Link: https://practiscore.com/the-tactical-games-skirmish-minnesota-may-7th-2022/register July Event (date TBD) Sunday, September 18th Registration Link: https://practiscore.com/the-tactical-games-skirmish-minnesota-september-18th-2022/register Location: Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club (Gate 3) 4648 240th St N Forest Lake, MN 55025 The Tactical Games Skirmish - Minnesota presented by the MN 3Gun Group/Action Gunner and hosted by the Forest Lake


Several of us from the Minnesota 3 Gun Group have attended & competed in The Tactical Games events across the country in their inaugural year, and it was a new level of competition that we thoroughly enjoyed. We are excited to bring the Skirmish events locally for you all to experience before you commit to the real deal.

Skirmishes operate on a single day format with a maximum of four battles to keep things as streamlined as possible. They will push your physical and mental limitations while maintaining focus on your enjoyment (we use that term loosely around here). We’ve been asked how a competitor should prepare for the events, we recommend you focus on your firearms fundamentals first and foremost. You will be under stress with live firearms, safe operation of your equipment is a requirement. It will benefit you to work on cardio, as you can expect to run up to 1.5 miles in full kit. There will be rope climbs and manipulation of up to 150lbs in weighted sandbags, sleds, wheelbarrows or farmer carries.


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What is the difference between a professional baseball player, pro-football player, or basketball player and a tactical athlete? Professional sports players get an offseason. Tactical athletes, however, are on point 24/7/365 with No Off Season!  A Green Beret, SEAL, or Delta Operator doesn’t have the luxury of taking a day off. They don’t get to say, “I’m just not into it today!” They are constantly deploying or preparing to deploy.

The Tactical Games were created to provide a venue to test the skills and readiness of tactical athletes from all backgrounds. Whether you are military, LEO or a civilian gun enthusiast you can compete in The Tactical Games.

The Tactical Games SKIRMISH is the first ever event in a series of local level events that prepares you for the Major Tactical Games held around the nation.


The information below is intended as a summary and subject to change. Please reference our Skirmish Divisions, Equipment & Rules page for full details.

Plate Carrier

15lbs dry weight for Men

12lbs for Women

8lbs for Junior

5.56/223 Rifle Platform

AR15 or similar
5 Magazines
150rds ammo


Irons only – No Dots
5 magazines
150rds ammo (9mm to 45cal)
Level 2+ Retention Holster

Our host range FLSC requires that all competitors and spectators be wearing safety glasses.

Ear protection is required for all competitors. Over the ear is is not advised due to the nature of the obstacles and likelyhood of them getting knocked off. Inner ear protection is best suited for these events.

Generally an athlete can wear whatever footwear and clothing they desire. However, if shorts are worn they must be at least 5 inches long. Closed toe shoes are required. No flip flops or sandals. We highly encourage rugged footwear and clothing to protect the athletes as they move through the prescribed Battles. We highly recommend packing a pair of gloves to protect hands as needed.

During most Battles, athletes will wear a plate carrier, pistol belt, and rifle with sling.  This varies slightly battle to battle. Specific instructions will be given prior to each Battle.

Athletes will be wearing their plate carriers throughout the weekend and on most, if not every battle (battle dependent).  All plate carriers must meet a minimum weight requirement. Athletes are not required to have ballistic plates in their plate carriers as long as the weight is achieved. An athlete’s plate carrier must meet minimum weight requirements before adding any magazines or ammunition.

Men’s plate carriers must be 15lbs or heavier (includes Masters)

Women’s plate carriers must be 12lbs or heavier

Junior’s plate carriers must be 8lbs or heavier

A Holster that retains the pistol during movement. A Level 2 is recommended but not required.

The ability to hold 5 pistol and 5 rifle magazines at the same time. This can be accomplished from the use of pouches on the belt line or plate carrier or pockets.

5.56mm/.223 & 300 Blackout caliber rifles are currently permitted. The rifle platform does not matter so long as it’s the correct caliber.

Back-up Iron sights are permitted, not required.

An athlete can run whatever “furniture” on the gun he/she wishes. Hand guards, foregrips, etc.

Slings on rifles are required.

AR Pistols and SBRs are acceptable

No penetrators or armor piercing rounds. Green Tip ammo, bimetal jackets or anything that sticks to a magnet is strictly forbidden.

Muzzle Devices

Competitors must have a legitimate flash hider (bird cage, 3 prong, etc) or suppressor on their rifle. Compensators or brakes are not allowed.

Generally, a stock pistol is required.

9mm, .40, or .45 calibers are allowed. No .22, .380 or some weird caliber like the FN 5.7.

No red dot sights on pistols, no electronic sights, no holographic sights.

Fiber Optic sights are allowed.

Compensators are allowed

A lighter trigger is allowed

Safeties cannot be disabled and must be functional. I.E. Grip Safety on 2011, trigger safeties, etc.

A mounted flashlight is allowed but not required

Extended magazines are allowed.

Replacement guide rods are fine.

Flared magazine wells are acceptable.

Standard or match grade ammo available commercially on a mass scale is permitted.  We understand that in IPSC and IDPA, shooters use light loads to reduce recoil.  Standard protection loads or match grade loads are allowed.


Holsters with retention are required. The level of retention must be such that if you or your holster is inverted it still maintains your weapon. Serpa holsters are not permitted.

We recommend bringing 150 rounds of pistol and 150 rounds of rifle ammunition.


No tracer, incendiary, armor piercing or steel jacketed or jacketed sabot slug ammunition allowed. Violation of this rule will result in a match disqualification and financial liability for any damaged range material.

Bring 5 rifle magazines and 5 pistol magazines

Be able to run a mile, climb a rope & navigate or scale obstacles.
Brute Force sandbags for men will be up to 100lbs & scaled for women.
You will be pushing, pulling, or carrying various types of objects up to 150lbs.
For the Tactical Division, expect to be wearing your plate carrier for the duration of the battles. (15lbs men, 12lbs women).

Alternative movements or time penalties are assessed for any obstacle that a competitor is unable to complete. Our goal to push you through a certain level of discomfort, not break you.

Elite competitors, expect to be challenged well beyond the guidelines listed above.


Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club operates as a “COLD RANGE“. This means that all firearms are to remain unloaded until under the direction of a Range Safety Officer. When in the parking lot do not handle your guns. Do not let your buddies handle you guns.

Handguns are to remain cased and only uncased and holstered at the designated SAFETY AREA. Do not get out of your car with your competition gun already in its holster. If you arrive with a ‘hot’ carry gun find someone in charge and have them assist with clearing the gun.

Long guns need to be carried with actions open and safety on. Chamber flags can be used. If you have a cart, uncase your long guns at the car and immediately place them in your cart racks. Any and all manipulation and maintenance can be done at the SAFETY AREA.

There is no handling of ammunition at the SAFETY AREAS.

If you are uncertain how to proceed please ask, Action Shooting has a great history of safety for a good reason.


Failure to follow these and general will be grounds for a DISQUALIFICATION.